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    Flamin’ West Woden Wamberal Wagga Wombats

    by  • February 25, 2013 • Australasia, Thoughts • 0 Comments

    You know you’re subbing an Australian paper when… 1. You have to Google every team name in an article because none of them sound like they’re from real places: West Belconnen, Woden Valley, Wagga City South, Bathurst St Pats, Terrigal Womberal (dutifully corrected to Wamberal), Coogee Wombats, Clovelly Crocodiles, Caringbah, St Christophers Panania. Sigh.

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    Christchurch’s new heart

    by  • February 22, 2013 • Art, Australasia, Featured, Longer, News • 0 Comments

    Christchurch earthquake damage

    Among the destruction of Christchurch’s deadly earthquake two years ago, a glimmer of something good. Against expectations, the gentle exodus of young people has slowed since the disaster – and those who remain are cultivating a new, glowing little heart for the crumpled city. In 2010, Christchurch was a pretty garden city in Canterbury,...

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    Want to visit El Paraiso’s temple? First try Caral

    by  • February 15, 2013 • Featured, Latin America, Longer, Travel • 0 Comments

    Have you read about Peru’s latest archeological find at El Paraiso? The area north of Lima is stuffed with enormously significant historical sites – like Caral: ten times as old as Machu Picchu and astonishingly under-visited. A vast temple has been uncovered at the already very impressive El Paraiso, about 40km north of Lima, and it’s...

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