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    Balloon with a view

    by  • June 16, 2013 • Australasia, Shorter • 0 Comments

    Google Project Loon balloon over Lake Tekapo NZ South Island

    A Google balloon with an outstanding view of Lake Tekapo. Photo: Jon Shenk

    Google’s just launched loads of balloons loaded with gadgets over New Zealand’s lovely South Island to help the remote parts get access to wi-fi. It’s called Project Loon. Look at the view from that balloon!!!

    Professional people-watching at Adelaide Airport #2

    by  • June 10, 2013 • Australasia, Columnists • 0 Comments

    1940s coins Australia

    Human beings are frequently wonderful. And sometimes you accidentally flirt with them.  Our second installment of amazing humanity passing through Adelaide Airport:   So this morning I had a man in his 70s buy some coffees and cakes for him and his wife. I told him “That’s $19.40 thanks!” He smiled, replying with with “1940! Well, that was the...

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    Hooray for excellent online journalism

    by  • June 10, 2013 • Art, Australasia, Awesome • 0 Comments

    Want to see something really cool? A truly magical bit of forward-thinking online journalism? Like The New York Times‘s captivating and original Snow Fall, Wellington’s Dominion Post newspaper has brought an exceptional dimension to its week-long look at the state of the city. Prime Minister John Key prompted it all when he rudely said...

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    The Game of Thrones cast as you HAVE seen them before – you just didn’t know it

    by  • June 6, 2013 • Awesome, Featured, Pop culture • 3 Comments

    Rose Leslie Ygritte Game of Thrones in Downton Abbey

    Context is everything. Check out our favourite Game of Thrones characters in their previous incarnations. Firstly, that incredible (by which I mean, incredible first season only) British teen drama Skins,  which gave us – along with Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult – Gendry and Gilly. Also known as Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray. Also...

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    Hashtag dead friend

    by  • June 2, 2013 • Thoughts • 0 Comments

    Using your iphone

    The UNGRASPABLE INANITY of teens posting bland “Miss u alredy girlie” messages on Facebook tribute pages, hours after a death of a friend. Deeply, deeply sad. It forcefully underlines how detached from reality some constantly plugged-in Millennials can be; how completely unequipped to deal with the immensity of death they appear to be. Posting...

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