• Professional people-watching at Adelaide Airport #1

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    Human beings are frequently wonderful.  Our first installment of  amazing humanity passing through Adelaide Airport:

    Frothy coffee at the airport

    This morning, an elderly man came into my cafe at the airport. He told me that he was on an adventure, that today would be the very first time in his 76 years that he would get on a plane. His whole family from all over Australia were meeting up in the Gold Coast and he was very excited.

    He was SO amazed at how much there was to do at the airport …  shops, cafes – the smile on his face was of pure happiness. Grinning, he showed me his brand new smart phone that his son had given him and his 5 year old granddaughter had taught him how he use. He was so pleased to have such a device.

    As he handed me his money, he struggled a little, saying: “Some days the shakes are fine, but I guess I’m a bit nervous today!”

    … I didn’t charge him for his custard danish. He deserved it for free for making my day.


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