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    One Response to Has the Pope ever been seen in the same room as this man?

    1. January 4, 2014 at 12:51 pm

      Also Same actor plays
      - Henry Paulson, Former United States Secretary of the Treasury
      - cardinal Francis George, current Archbishop of Chicago.

      To what lengths the illuminati fooled the human cattle:
      exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt

      Harry S. Truman is a fake identity not a tru(e) man, named the same way as Barack Hussein Obama II.
      Truman he was in fact Robert Ritter von Greim, the last German officer to achieve the rank of Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal).
      He was promoted 1945, the same year that he committed “suicide”, to become president of one of the “allies”, the US.

      Same actor plays Obama and “dead” Osama who will be resurected 2014 in an Afghanistan cave, as part of “Obama”‘s detonation as fake suicide bomber.
      A detonation to trigger the race war and the genocide of non-whites.
      Actor “Obama stripped and sentenced to “death” by SCOTUS, ” Hitlery Clinton, Hitler’s daughter and Merkel’s sister, proclaimed 44th president of the USA.

      Why “Nelson Mandela”‘s coffin remained closed during his “funeral” days

      or GOOGLE
      Actor Morgan Freeman plays Kofi Annan AND … Nelson Mandela


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