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    Using your iphone

    The UNGRASPABLE INANITY of teens posting bland “Miss u alredy girlie” messages on Facebook tribute pages, hours after a death of a friend.

    Deeply, deeply sad. It forcefully underlines how detached from reality some constantly plugged-in Millennials can be; how completely unequipped to deal with the immensity of death they appear to be. Posting something like that (if ever there was a time to use spell check, for Christ’s sake…) on this kind of page just seems wildly insensitive, inappropriate, unemotional – to me, anyway.

    But I can see that that may be the obvious response for a lot of  teens. The way that they know how to express a bit of what they’re feeling.  I see it – it just makes me sad to think that reasonably those tributes could have been fired off from an iPhone on a bus like any other wall post.  Sure some of them will be considered and heartfelt. But the instantaneous, reactionary, like, poke, message, share nature of the whole thing makes me feel uneasy.

    Friend dies? Leave her a Facebook comment about it.




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