• Hysteria as man spits wine at Queen

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    A prize-winning photograph of a man tasting wine in front of the Queen has caused absolute outrage in southern New South Wales. See it here.

    There really are a lot of Australians twisting their knickers about this, if the online comments left on the Illawarra Mercury’s story are anything to go by (we should not disrespect Her Majesty the Queen in this manner. This is not art.”; “that is just disgusting”; What a discusting [SIC] tasteless photo”I am outraged … It is MOST disrespectful and not worthy of receiving a prize for such insolence.”; “just plain nasty”). What’s going on?


    • This is a photograph that won a competition with 70 entrants (Wollongong City Gallery’s annual portrait comp).
    • The man in it is a winemaker (Peter Dredge).
    • He was judging wine, at a wine-judging event (the Adelaide Hills wine awards).
    • The portrait of the Queen was hanging so high up the wall that Mr Dredge likely didn’t realise his juxtaposition.


    It’s certainly a striking image. But offensive?


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