• Longest distance photocall ever?

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    Just participated in a pan-global photoshoot to promote author Lynne McVernon’s new novel, Terrible With Raisins, which I helped to edit. I’m in New Zealand, she’s in the UK. What’s to be done? Skype photocall!

    Photoshoot across the world with author of Terrible With Raisins Lynne McVernon and editor Sarah Stead

    Photoshoot across the world with author Lynne McVernon

    I reckon it’s the longest-distance photoshoot there is. My dad, pedant that he is, countered with photos from the moon. Are there photographs of people on earth looking at live feeds of people on the moon? Not sure. More importantly, though, my dad’s tacitly suggesting that he believes the moon landings occurred, which I think is the biggest controversy here. Dad, is this what they call “mellowing”?

    I think the snaps turned out pretty well, though, world record-breaking or not.

    Terrible With Raisins is about growing up at fifty, and can be gotten via download or actual old-fashioned paperback from Amazon.


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    1. October 31, 2013 at 11:19 pm

      Of course the moon-landings happened, but I resent any implication that I am mellowing.

      Yours grumpily.

      Dad xx

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