• Professional people-watching at Adelaide Airport #2

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    Human beings are frequently wonderful. And sometimes you accidentally flirt with them.  Our second installment of amazing humanity passing through Adelaide Airport:

     1940s coins Australia

    So this morning I had a man in his 70s buy some coffees and cakes for him and his wife.

    I told him “That’s $19.40 thanks!” He smiled, replying with with “1940! Well, that was the year I was born!”

    I was taken back at first.How are you supposed to respond to old people mentioning their own age? I didn’t want to offend him or come off as a ridiculous Gen-Y-er.

    I paused, then leant over the counter: “Really? So tell me, how were the 50s?” He smiled, “Oh they were wonderful!”  I told him all the things I loved about the 50s; the music, the people, things were changing in such exciting ways. He went on to tell me a little about his life back then, fascinating stories.

    I told him him I always thought I would have loved to live back then. He looked me in the eye and said: “Well, maybe if you did, we would have caught up.” I giggled and blushed a little, “I hope we would have!”

    Was I just flirted with by a 70+ year old married man? And did I flirt back?!


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