• Surfing piglet becomes naturalised Australian citizen

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    Surfing piglet Mt Maunganui, NZ

    Matthew Bell & Zorro the piglet /stuff.co.nz


    JEZEBEL.COM is an excellent website. It really is fantastic. But I and, I’m sure, New Zealanders everywhere did an internal if not external groan at @jezebel’s tweet today “Let’s all move to Australia and surf with this baby pig”, linking to their story about CBS’s story about it.

    The sentiment is entirely correct: I have zero problem with the notion of moving across the globe to go surfing with a tiny porcine Kelly Slater. It’s a noble cause. But what I do have a problem with is the fact THE PIG LIVES IN NEW ZEALAND.

    And, all together now, New Zealand is not a part of Australia.

    I know this because I live there, and there are no dingoes. Also said piglet was on the front page of my home newspaper, the Dominion Post, delivered warm and inky to my desk about 11pm one night this week. The piglet lives in Mt Maunganui, dammit.

    After (although admittedly probably not purely because) I exasperatedly reply-tweeted something along this line the story’s headline was changed – which is nice. What’s also nice is the CBS story they wrote a story about, surfing piglet footage. Awe. Some.


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