• The Game of Thrones cast as you HAVE seen them before – you just didn’t know it

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    Context is everything. Check out our favourite Game of Thrones characters in their previous incarnations.

    Firstly, that incredible (by which I mean, incredible first season only) British teen drama Skins,  which gave us – along with Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult – Gendry and Gilly. Also known as Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray. Also known as Chris and Cassie. Here they are wearing a bedsheet / pondering a strip of prescription drugs.


    Gilly Hannah Murray and Gendry Joe Dempsie in Skins

    Gilly and Gendry engaging in some youth dysfunction


    That other great (ahem) British teen show – Phil Redgrave’s Hollyoaks has proved to be a goldmine of dothraki slave girls. Who knew? Here’s Doreah pretending to be just a girl called Roxanne McKee pretending to be a girl from Chester called Louise. Nice try, Doreah.


    Roxanne McKee Doreah Game of Thrones in Hollyoaks

    We know your true dothraki identity. No hiding it.


    Joining her on that unassuming Chester street is Missandei, also known as Nathalie Emmanuel, also known as Sasha from Hollyoaks.


    Nathalie Emmanuel Missandei Game Of Thrones as Sasha in Hollyoaks

    Crop-top or cross-over dress made from rope?


    And lo! It’s not just the Khaleesi’s slave girls who love the streets of Chester. The Knight of Flowers, the curly-haired Ser Loras Tyrell, is also partial.


    Loras Tyrell Finn Jones Jamie Hollyoaks

    Ser Loras works out some teen angst as the thin blonde one’s love interest, Jamie


    The Harry Potter saga has also proved ripe casting ground (unsurprising give how many damn films there are). Firstly, in case you didn’t hate him enough already, here’s Wolder Frey as the miserly old thorn-in-Harry’s-side Hogwarts caretaker: Argus Filch (David Bradley):


    Walder Frey Game of Thrones as Argus Filch Harry Potter

    No wonder he killed the dog


    And for added value, here he is as an awkward figurine.


    Walder Frey Game of Thrones as Argus Filch Harry Potter



    Next up, Michelle Fairley AKA Catelyn Stark under a spell as Hermione’s mum.


    Michelle Fairley Catelyn Stark as Hermione Granger's mum

    If only they’d invited Hermione to the Red Wedding


    And here’s Osha’s familiar mean-girl stare under the brand name of the hair-colour-changing Nymphadora Tonks, or indeed Natalia Tena.


    Natalie Tena Osha Game of Thrones as Nymphadora Tonks Harry Potter

    Stare ‘em down love


    And last but by no means the least obscure, Grand Maester Pycelle (Julian Glover) as Hagrid’s massive pet spider, Aragog.


    Roy Dotrice Grand Maester Pycelle as Aragog the spider

    As the voice. Obviously the voice.


    Moving away from Harry Potter and towards camp 90s Brit drama with even camper spin-off musical acts, remember how you thought Tyrion Lannister’s right hand man Bronn was DA BOMB? Like, really really badass? Think again. Here’s Jerome Flynn with BFF Robson Green – they used to be in Soldier Soldier:


    Jerome Flynn is Bronn

    Barefoot and everything


    Speaking of  family-friendly alter egos, did you know that on Sunday evenings, Jon Snow’s sexy ginger Wildling minx Ygritte dresses up as a maid and works at a place called Downton Abbey? Well, she does.


    Rose Leslie Ygritte Game of Thrones in Downton Abbey

    She pretends to be called Rose Leslie, too


    At Downton Abbey, Ygritte also secretly hangs out  with Ser Jora Mormont, who alternately calls himself Sir Richard Carlisle or Iain Glen.


    Ser Jora Mormont, Iain Glen, Sir Richard Carlisle

    One relishes a whisky by the Christmas tree


    Another period drama pretender is Margaery Tyrell, who constantly battles with a delusion that she is Anne Boleyn, she of The Tudors, or some bird called Natalie Dormer.


    She does love a good throne

    She does love a good throne


    Neither is Cersei Lannister any stranger to pretending to be Queen of a place, having already pretended to be the Queen of Sparta in 300.


    Lena Headey Cersei Lannister as The Queen of Sparta in 300

    Lena Headey rocking the sideboob


    Here’s the bloke who’s been doing awful things to Theon Greyjoy’s protrusions, Ramsay Snow, or Iwan Rheon if you will, as an almost-as-creepy Asbo Simon off of Channel 4′s Misfits:


    Iwan Rheon Ramsay Snow Game fo Thrones as Simon in Misfits

    It’s the mad eyes


    On the subject of Barbarians, it’s Conan The… AKA Khal Drogo, AKA Jason Momoa, who performed a bad haka at his interview. Awkward.


    Jason Momoa stars as 'Conan' in "Conan The Barbarian." AKA Khal Drogo Game of Thrones

    Hell. Yeah.


    And finally there’s Sean Bean, who has only ever played Sean Bean.


    Sean Bean Ned Stark

    And his sister owns a chip shop in Sheffield


    That’s it. I’m exhausted.


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