• Up / Down / Over / Under – how about just Here?

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    Wouldn’t it seem kind of provincial if everyone here (by here I mean, in Australasia) were to refer to the UK or the US as up over? And compound that by capitalising it – Up Over? You know, ‘the others’ Up Over. Up over¬†the hill. The globe hill.

    I realise that Down Under is in common usage among Australians and New Zealanders. I realise this and sigh. To start with, there are plenty of other countries and people below the equator. Argentina. Chile. Peru. Most of Brazil. Half of Indonesia, South Africa. Namibia. Zimbabwe. And so forth.

    But most importantly, because Down Under takes English-speaking Northern Hemisphere nations as its base reference point to which the directions of down and under are relative, is using the term not perpetuating the Northern Hemisphere bias?

    Australians and New Zealanders would be doing themselves a favour if they stopped accepting Down Under so readily. Here alone is a formidable place to be.


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